Project Demos

Democracy & Equality Matters for Our Society

What is DEMOS?

The aim of DEMOS is to increase the civic and democratic engagement of our FET target groups within the partner countries (Austria, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland).
This will be achieved through exploration of the civic, social and political dimensions of their lives and through the development of innovative projects to build the knowledge and understanding they need to contribute more actively to democratic society.
Learners will become aware that through the democratic process, every individual has a voice and that non-participation and passivity can lead to alienation, apathy and social exclusion.

DEMOS Objectives

  • Identify key target groups
  • Survey the attitudes, levels of knowledge, and opinions in relation to citizenship, governance and democracy within our respective countries
  • Develop innovative ways to reach out to and engage these target groups
  • Document and share best practice models of reaching and involving our target groups in the democratic process


Outlinle map of EU showing partner countries in orange

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