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Knowledge Association (Sdrujenie Znanie)

Knowledge Association (Sdrujenie Znanie) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization, registered in 1994. It has 54 members, who volunteer for educational and social activities.

The mission of the organization is to gain recognition for the democratic values in society through providing high-quality, accessible education combined with the national traditions and the European dimensions for lifelong learning. In the last 10 years the organization has worked in the field of youth policies and initiatives, social inclusion of vulnerable groups and labour market initiatives. The organization is a licensed Vocational Educational Training Centre for 24 professions.

Knowledge Association has implemented more than 70 projects under EU and national programmes (including partnership projects with local authorities, other NGOs, social services providers and educational institutions). Annually, more than 300 people are trained in the educational courses and non-formal training forms (such as computer literacy courses, foreign languages, and other key competencies trainings).

Bulgaria - outline map

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