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Pilot project 1 “Time for Tea, Time for Activation”

Participants: Young people aged 18-29 from Lovech region.

Goal: Activation of young people living in smaller settlements in the eight (8) municipalities of Lovech region


  1. Workshops
    Three Youth Activation Workshops have been implemented aiming at raising the awareness on youth participation and engagement among young people from Lovech region. In total 54 young people took part in the workshops
  2. Preparation of Local Campaigns
    Nine (9) ateliers in three municipalities were carried out. During the workshops 12 youth problems have been identified and three (3) of them were voted to be implemented at local level (in the municipalities of Lovech, Troyan and Yablantisa). The ateliers were to prepare the campaigns, to work on the message, to choose the receiver of the message and select the type of the youth involvement in the campaigns.
  3. Time for Tea Campaigns in three (3) municipalities
    All the campaigns comprised of two parts:
    1) Deliver a message to a decision maker;
    2) Activities to engage young people to act.
    The idea is to encourage the young people and convince them that solving a problem has at least two parts – pushing the responsible institutions to act and more importantly engaging themselves with action (what the young people could do to solve the issue).


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Workshop 1 - DEMOS Project Bulgaria
DEMOS Project Bulgaria - workshop 2

Troyan’s campaign “Youth Engagement”

The campaign in Troyan municipality was dedicated to engaging and activating the young people to work on 1. Development of youth organization; 2. Local youth actions and initiatives; 3. Training of young people and 4. Youth involvement in the decision making process. A broad youth discussion was held on the 4th April 2019 discussing the 4 topics and a decision to establish a local youth NGO was reached.

The second part of the campaign was the delivery of the youth message to the Mayor of the municipality. During the meeting with the mayor the idea of a youth centre was discussed and what type of support is needed.

Lovech campaign “No to Drugs”

 In Lovech municipality the identified local problem was drug addictions and distribution of drugs. The young people have chosen the Director of the Police as receiver of their message. A meeting with the Director and responsible experts within the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior was held on April 11, 2019. The young people had requested more efforts and effectiveness in arresting dealers.

The second part of the local campaign was aimed at raising awareness and prevention of drug abuse. In March 2019 the young people prepared a peer-to-peer event explaining the damage drug addiction has done to more than 100 young people.

Campaign Lovech

Yablanitsa’s campaign “More Trees for a Better Life”

The group from Yablanitsa municipality consists of young people from the village of Malak Izvor. Located in the pre-mountain area, the village of Malak Izvor is a beautiful small settlement and for the young citizens protecting the environment and the forests around is one of their major goals. The campaign consists of:

  1. Meeting and delivery of the message to the Director of the State Forestry Regional Division. The young people requested actions to stop the illegal logging
  2. Local campaign “More trees for a better life! “ More than 40 young people took part in planting lime trees (Tilia) and raising the awareness on the importance of preserving the environment and the forest during the Forest Week (1st to 7th of April).

As a result of all the campaigns more than 300 young people from eight (8) municipalities in the Lovech region took part in local activities and were engaged in solving youth issues.

Campaign Yablanitsa