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Make a Change!

In the DEMOS project, the team of Mezigenerace follows up on an Erasmus+ Project “Make A Change!” to prepare it for sharing with partners and institutions throughout the Czech Republic and European Union.

The vision of Make A Change is to change the approach of young people (15-21 years old) to politics to make them become active and participating members of the civic society, lead a constructive dialogue with politicians and cooperate on creating their environment.

Young people are ready to change the world; only they do not know how. Students see many things to be improved in their environment. Often it is details that no one has repaired because of lack of time, although they annoy the lives of inhabitants. Students have time and energy to change them.

Local politicians and officials can help the students to fill in the missing experience and information – and add necessary competencies and contacts. They can focus the energy and enthusiasm of young people in their community so that things start to get improved. However, these two groups communicate only rarely.

Make A Change! The project provides both groups with space for communication with the support of a mentoring team and with help for writing their first project (the first change) and its realisation.

The realisation of even little changes can teach the students many things: how to look for resources, democratic ways of advancing ideas and opinions, cooperation with fellow citizens as well as the community leadership. These experiences help students to start working on another change, maybe a bigger one.

The most important message for the students, but also politicians, officials and all citizens is: if you mind anything around you, go – and in cooperation with others – MAKE A CHANGE!

The methods of Make A Change lay in the combination of one-day-workshops in regions for groups of high school students and local politicians/officers (political basics, interactive activities based on principles of Youth Dialogue and “solving instead of complaining“) and mentoring support with writing and realising small projects.

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