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Citizens participation walk in Vienna’s 5th district Margareten

During the last few years Margareten offered a substantial number of opportunities for the inhabitants to get involved in the administration of the district. To begin with the idea of the participatory budget – introduced in 2017 – to the redevelopment of the Klieber park, the Einsiedler park and the redevelopment of the most important street in the district Reinprechtsdorferstraße. Ideas, wishes and suggestions of the inhabitants were duly integrated. Furthermore, the children’s and young people’s parliament sessions are an ongoing tradition in Margareten.

District mayor Mrs. Susanne Schaefer-Wiery was accompanied by 25 interested persons during this walk; she presented the projects mentioned above, and invited the participants to spread the news to friends and neighbours: It is worth getting involved in the projects this district will realise in the next five years.

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