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The DEMOS project in Helsinki, Finland is aiming to reach populations with an immigrant background in a specific neighbourhood in northern Helsinki called Maunula. In this area lives a big group of people with diverse backgrounds. DEMOS in Helsinki has built up a multi-professional team to find ways to reach our target group, to listen to their needs and empower the people to be more active in their local community.

We have arranged a big community party with workshops that reached about 80 people. In the autumn of 2019, we will be holding lots of smaller events, e.g. cultural and language exchange workshops, meet-up caf├ęs and other activities that invite all sorts of people to spend some meaningful free time together. This will culminate with independence day celebrations on December 6th when a big Multicultural Independence Day celebration will be organized in Maunula.

All activities and networks created during DEMOS will continue and develop into the future.

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