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The main event being prepared in the framework of DEMOS project is a mini-conference organized by the Institute of Tolerance together with the University of Lodz under the working title “Women in Action”. The conference will take place on 24 October 2019 and will consist of three parts: 1) Plenary lecture by one of the prominent Polish women, most probably a sociologist or a women activist; 2) Panel discussion with various local women’s groups on activities of the groups in Lodz; 3) Panel discussion with Polish women who play an important role in Polish politics. The main issues raised will be: what to do; how to do it; what problems are faced by women active at local and/or at national level.

Women in Poland often play an important role in our society. Nevertheless, in many respects the traditional and religious stands determine the way women are treated. The very strict rules allowing abortion in exceptional situations only are still being contested by the church and part of right-wing pressure groups. The government pretends that the domestic violence targeted against women is not a serious problem. Women are often invited to politics to “soften” the image of the parties, not as real partners.

The conference will be addressed to a broader audience, especially students, but possibly with a large representation of women activists and women important in politics, or aspiring to such a role.

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DEMOS Project Poland; 3 March 2018 – Black Friday – the protest against tightening the anti-abortion law; photo by Jakub Hałun

Photo by Jakub Hałun
3 March 2018 – Black Friday – the protest against tightening the anti-abortion law