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Romania Project

Romanian partner: Media Partners SRL
Objective: to identify suitable means for increasing active participation among different vulnerable target groups

Activities Undertaken So Far

  1. Identifying four (4) target groups
    1. Young people at risk of social exclusion
    2. Older people at risk of social exclusion
    3. Women at risk of social exclusion
    4. Ethnic minorities: the Roma population
  2. Performing a needs analysis on the political participation of vulnerable groups in Romania
    1. Desk research based on secondary data available in various national and European reports.
    2. Exploratory research through one focus group conducted in the rural area on 15 January 2019 with six participants, males and females, aged between 22 and 70 years old. Study aims were: 1. Investigating attitudes and opinions of vulnerable groups in Romania regarding active participation; 2. Identifying the main obstacles leading to a reduced level of active participation among vulnerable groups in Romania; 3. Identifying innovative communication methods with the vulnerable groups in Romania to support increasing their level of active participation.
    3. Development of persona models which implies creating a portrait of a generic target group representative. This generic portrait comprises the main characteristics of the target group.
  3. Identifying potential approaches for increasing active participation
    1. Information sessions where the target groups are presented with the opportunities existing for them in their community and any support mechanisms available. 
    2. Different workshops for developing skills in information searching, critical thinking, communication, the completion of basic administrative tasks.
    3. Civic education workshops with target groups to understand how the society is structured, the role and power of every individual in shaping that society.
  4. Workshops organised
    Information sessions organized in April-May 2019, covering people among all four identified target groups. Open discussions focused on the upcoming European Parliament elections (26 May 2019). Demographic data, including the intention to vote, were collected by completing individual questionnaires.
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