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Women – Be Heard

Our primary target group is women with a basic education who were born outside of Sweden.
Our purpose is to motivate them to become a part of the Swedish community, to help them believe in themselves and their ability to make a change in their own lives. We would also like to encourage those women to raise their voices and make them feel that their voices are being listened to. ABF have decided to focus our work so as to make an impact for those who feel they have the least power and influence. To find those women we will focus our work on rural areas and suburbs instead of the cities.

Our goal is for the women to gain new and necessary knowledge and insight to make their voices heard in their own residential area and ultimately also in the social debate. We want to motivate the women to take up further studies and show them different educational paths. By doing so we also intend to strengthen their self-esteem and promote their chances of getting a job and feeling more integrated in the Swedish community. Once they start to feel more integrated we strive to encourage them to become members of associations and other organizations and with the support from the associations we believe that their integration will be further strengthened.

Many women from our target group are also mothers and we also believe that by strengthening the mothers we help improve the situation for their children so that they will have a greater impact and feel more included in the Swedish community.

Our goal is to reach 3,800 women and arrange activities that strive to encourage foreign-born women to raise their voices and to make a change in their own lives in at least 50 locations across Sweden. The activities consist of study circles and lectures.

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